Improving Naturism

How do we encourage people to take off their clothes? Thoughts on the matter…


Not having written for a long time, I’m little rusty and very nervous, aware that what I have in mind to write, might not be agreeable to everyone ( I know there is nothing that we all agree on) and whether there is any point. Will this be just another post that people take a casual look at and then ignore, or will it act as a catalyst for something good?

The short answer is; I don’t know, but here goes it anyway. This post is not about me, it is about what I think about the way to improve naturism through increased public acceptance of nudity, it is up to you to consider it in your future plans or ignore it as an idiotic idea.

10 years ago, most people risked getting arrested if they walked nude in the open countryside even, never mind the urban areas. This started…

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