Scheduled downtime

Which is, after all, the best kind:

There will be an outage to reload our core and border routers. This is unavoidable, due to a bug in IOS that is critical for us to patch. We plan to minimize disruption, but would like to stress that you should plan for disruption on service throughout the entire window. The window of downtime should be between 10pm PST and Midnight.

Which is Friday night, which is Saturday morning here in the Same Time Zone As Manitoba. (And, of late, Manitoba has had nicer weather.)


Nothing much to report

Actually, I was signed in for some reason other than working on this site, so I wandered over and read the site stats, such as they are.

I mean, apparently my visit was the second of the year, the year having begun as usual on the first of January.

Now I have no reason to complain about this, since generally the only things that get posted over here are announcements that my main site is down, and obviously I’m not looking forward to more of those. Still: one visitor in a week? Shades of 1996!

Gun being jumped

The surfer dudes who host my regular site have issued this warning:

We will be completing the fixes to our Core infrastructure. This will include abandoning HSRP, restructuring our internal LAN routing domain and pruning unnecessary vlans from our border routers.

Please plan for intermittent outages during this window.

They didn’t say so, but I suspect they’re ditching HSRP for something a bit less proprietary, which suits me just fine.

The window in question is from 10 pm, 5 November, to 2 am, 6 November, Pacific time. I normally don’t have a lot of traffic at those hours anyway, but I’m posting the warning anyway.

Rather quiet around here

On the other hand, if it’s really busy, I’m probably sweating buckets over the main blog.

On the other, other hand — this takes some doing for normal hominids — once in a while they’ll stick something on that we can’t get for our self-hosted sites, and hey, a free preview is more than worth the price, right?

(For instance: there’s a freaking Like button. I don’t know if I Like that or not, but we shall see.)

I think this is worth a Hmmm

WordPress had this waiting for me when I signed in:

We will be making some code changes shortly which will log you out of your account. They should only take a few seconds and you should be able to log in afterwards without any problems. Please save your draft or update the post/page often to prevent content loss.

I’m guessing these are the bug fixes that will appear in 3.0.1.