Anticipated downtime

Says my Web host:

Our Network Operations team will be performing a proactive scheduled maintenance starting at 10:30PM Pacific Standard Time on February 8th, 2017 in order to further improve network reliability. This is expected to last up to four hours, and will result in server unavailability of up to 45 minutes.

Once the maintenance has begun, please avoid adding or modifying databases on your MySQL server, as we will be unable to process any database-related changes during this time (and those changes may be lost).

That’s half past midnight here in Central time. I’m hoping I’m asleep by then and won’t even notice the downtime.


From dusk to dawn

I’ve used this theme over here at the backup blog for over a year now, and briefly considered taking it over to the Main Site, but I suspect it would not be well received by the readership. Feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong. (Everyone else does.)

Downtime to come?

The host says it’s going to be messing with the network again tomorrow night:

On Thursday January 16th, in a 4 hour window starting at 10pm, we will be moving on to the next step of the Network Improvement Series maintenances. This step is going to involve migrating the network layer from the old hardware to the new designed setup. This is expected to be a near impact-free maintenance; all services will continue to work throughout the migration. As with all maintenances, we will proceed slowly to ensure that, should any problems occur, we will be able to address them quickly.

I mean, this doesn’t guarantee failure or anything, but I’ve seen enough network improvements to know what’s coming.

Scheduled downtime

Which is, after all, the very best kind:

On Wednesday we will be upgrading the Border Hardware at our LAX Data Center. This is an important step in our plans to provide you the best in network performance and stability. We will be giving ourselves a 4 hour window to complete the installation and configuration of the new border, however, we expect that any actual outage to be minimal.

Start time is 10 pm PST, or midnight here in the flyover zone; this is not exactly a heavy traffic period, so I’m not going to sweat it. Much.

Because I don’t get enough attention introduces a social-networking gimmick innovation:

The new Follow Button makes it easy for your readers to follow you on Twitter without ever leaving your site.

Of course, if they’re here in the first place, odds are they’ve come because they were following me on Twitter and they saw a tweet announcing an outage at the main site — which tweet, of course, used’s Publicize function. The idea that I’d pick up more followers seems somehow a bit absurd.

Then again, I did post this, didn’t I?

One of those Maintenance Periods

The host has posted this warning:

So we’ve got a new time and date for last week’s canceled maintenance window. Tonight (March 27th, 2011) at 10PM PDT our admin team will be working on replacing the flaky core supervisor with a new unit from Cisco. We are hopeful that this will help resolve our recent networking issues.

Please note that while we are doing what we can to minimize the downtime that our customers see, there may be some spotty performance for users around this time.

I think we’ve all known supervisors who were a bit flaky at the core.