Light of Odeon

In any form of “modern art,” you may be certain that “modern” is the more-important word.

Скрипучая беседка

Transfixed by magnetic radiance of European culture, I took an after-work train from the Rockefeller Center to Harvey Theater of BAM. Phaedre

Who could’ve resisted this shining Pleiades of words: Greek tragedy*Queen Phaedra*Euripides & Seneca*Odeon-Theatre de l’Europe*Isabelle Huppert* !

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And down we go

All my other sites, notably, are down for the moment. Per the host:

We are currently seeing problems with DNS at our US-East (Virginia) data center. This is causing sites to fail to load.

I have no idea how long this will last.


Update: Apparently half an hour.