Shine in one’s step

I admit up front that I was prepared to hate this very concept:

I got these light up LED shoes from BEAM a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to wear them and share them with you! I just know that so many of you will love them. I fell in love with flashing shoes when I saw a girl dancing with them in a video on Instagram that had gone viral, then a week or two later, BEAM contacted me about modelling their shoes and I jumped at the chance. I chose the black pair as I thought they would be more suited to a fashion blogger than the white and silver and they would really show off the lights when it gets dark. I was right with that as when it’s dark and I’m wearing all black like I am here, all you can see is the lights!

And then I looked at the photoshoot, and what I saw wasn’t the extraneous silliness I expected: what I saw was exuberance, sheer delight in the experience. I’m not sure whether it’s that Lorna has great moves or that the atmosphere was just right or that the shoe lights were properly dazzling or some combination thereof, but somehow this look works, and the price point (£50ish) does not seem at all daunting. Very, very persuasive.

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