Let’s play with live data

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find this more than a little scary:

What happens when you take away the quality assurance team in a software development operation? Fewer, not more errors, along with a vastly quicker development cycle.

That, at least, has been the experience at Yahoo, according to Amotz Maimon, the company’s chief architect, and Jay Rossiter, senior vice president of science and technology. After some small changes in development processes in 2013, and a larger push from mid-2014 to the first quarter of 2015, software engineering at Yahoo underwent a sea change. The effort was part of a program Yahoo calls Warp Drive: a shift from batch releases of code to a system of continuous delivery. Software engineers at Yahoo are no longer permitted to hand off their completed code to another team for cross checking. Instead, the code goes live as-is; if it has problems, it will fail and shut down systems, directly affecting Yahoo’s customers.

Now I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for another two years of Flickr Pro. Then again, Yahoo! is about to send itself through a financial meat grinder anyway.

Pants, schmants

You know, if I were married to the likes of Gabrielle Union, I probably couldn’t keep my clothes on either, so I shall not even mock Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade:

We can now stop wondering what NBA players wear when they’re home alone, because Dwyane Wade has the answer — nothing. But for the face of the new Naked Underwear’s Naked Truth underwear campaign, that wasn’t the case until he turned 30.

“I’ve got this saying now — I’m always naked,” he tells PeopleStyle. “But before, I was never one of those guys who ever felt comfortable naked. I was always the kind of guy who, even in my house by myself, I used to have shorts on. And I got to a point in age where I started feeling more comfortable being naked. But it took me until I was 30 years old until I felt comfortable — I’m 33 now.”

That’s part of the reason he’s involved with Naked, the underwear brand, which he’s the Creative Director of. “One thing I like about the name [of the brand] … when you think of being naked or what it stands for, it stands for freedom — those moments when you feel free. There’s no worries, nothing holding you back. And the confidence comes with it as well.”

I admit to, um, not wearing Mr Wade’s brand of underwear at the time of posting.