Why Blogging is Better than Dating

And let’s face it, I do a whole lot more blogging than I do dating.

Normal in Training


Last year I told you how blogging is my new boyfriend, second only in my heart to tennis. And after a year of bloggng, I’m proud to say that our relationship keeps getting stronger. I think that’s why I’m in no hurry to find someone. Because blogging is a much more suitable parter in many ways. For example:

1. Blogging is a much better listener. I talk a lot. I want to share every thought that I have about what book I’m reading, what new insight I have from my latest therapy session, what happened in my last tennis match. In my relationships I usually started conversations with, I have a bunch of stuff to tell you! Usually stuff that they didn’t find all that interesting. Go figure. But in my blog I can talk as much I want, whenever I want, and in whatever level of detail…

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Why I Don’t Vote

The right to complain should never be questioned — nor should the right to ignore the complainers.

I Ruin Joy

Why I Don't VoteIf you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

So if you DO vote, you get to turn into an asshole? There are constant Facebook statuses of the Government wasting money, the state of welfare and immigration. Nothing but complaints, on and on they go. So get out there and vote! Vote in someone new! Go vote for Trudeau!! Do it! I dare you!


Truly, the idea of voting for ANY of these people is laughable. You think I’d actually vote for Justin Trudeau? I’d rather vote for Justin Bieber at this point. Ok, so I’ll bring Harper back for another few years, um, please no.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

I will put my trust in the Canadian people and on Tuesday I will see what has been done. Luckily, no matter the outcome, you can’t blame me for that shit. Don’t worry, I won’t complain, I’ll just…

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Columbus Day Sale! Indignation 50% Off!

Personally, I think we should move Thanksgiving to this date, aligning with the Canadians, and giving that black hole at the end of November to someone really undeserving. Like, for instance, me.

Nihilism is Pointless.

I hate Columbus Day.

Not because it celebrates “a mass murderer”.

But because my internet gets filled with so much terrible, rotten history.

Not from the people on the Right who want to scream and shout about “Political Correctness” but from those people who claim to be the smarter, more rational, and more intelligent, the Left.

Firstly, this joke has shown up more times in my Twitter feed than a feel good hashtag should.

“I assume that a Columbus Day sale means that I can just walk into the store and take whatever I want”

The fact that this joke has been stolen by so many people today is truly what defines both the words meta as well as irony.

It’s also patently hilarious to me, that I actually have people who are members of Native American tribes on my Facebook, and strangely they seem to be quite quiet today…

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