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Life in the Badlands

Badlands 3 by John Sauler,

Explanation: I hardly ever get to play with the WordPress Media Library, having gotten used to two decades of not using it; this was an attempt to see if I could get anything resembling useful results.

6 Ways Your Dates Could’ve Gone Way, Way Worse

If I actually had dates, I could understand this.

Toons, They're Just Like Us!

1) Hehehehe, god forbid these pictures of two large 5-year-olds end up on Facebook.


2) If that b*tch be infringing on yo territory


3) If the moment feels oh sooooo right, but the timing is OH SOOOOOO WRONG.


4) Big Pointer #1: Younger siblings (if applicable) are totally a legit must-have for romance.


5) Um, bae…shouldn’t we talk about that first?


6) And then if you luck gets really shitty…


But no matter how awry it gets, you’re always each other’s badass hero and dynamite gal.

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