What this is for

The purpose of this little site may not be obvious, though the “in reserve” part of the title gives away some of the game.

Mostly, it’s a place where I can advise the readers of the Main Site, as it’s called, when it’s down, which (fortunately) doesn’t happen that often. And besides, I have three sites other than that, which are updated about as often as this one, which is Not Very. A brief link list:

dustbury.com the aforementioned Main Site, vending commentary, snark, and failures in grammatical rectitude since 1996.

wendex.net I used to do a whole lot more mixtapes and CDs than I do now, and I talk about them here.

kitty-carroll.org Pop-culture references to invisibility, figurative or literal.

dustysage.org In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom parlance, Mr Sage is my OC (Original Character) pony; this is where I whip up fanfiction before turning it loose on actual readers.

All of these share the same host, and in fact, at the moment anyway, the same actual server. This does not necessarily mean that if one’s down, they all are — but theoretically, it could.