And we’re down again

Says the host:

[O]ne of our uplink providers is experiencing an outage that’s affecting these networks. We have redundant routes setup to prevent this type of effect when a provider issue such as this one occurs, however the routing tables in question did not self correct.

Imagine that.

Update: Restored to normal after about an hour and a half. I went out and mowed the lawn to kill time.

Like I need more domains

According to the banner that shows up on the admin panel, I can get this place in a domain for a mere $24 a year. Now I’d known that they were using as a URL shortener for a while now, but I really didn’t know much about this TLD, so I duly looked it up, and while it supposedly stands for Montenegro, the government thereof has authorized its Official Registrar to seek out customers worldwide.

And you know, this is sort of cool, but I must note that I have two .com domains to renew this month, which will cost me just under $20, so maybe not now, guys.