Didn’t we just have one of those?

But there it is again: Major Network Outage. Since they were busy all Sunday recouping from some automatic updates that hosed up their Debian installs, this ought to drive the techs insane.

More as it develops, assuming anything develops.

Update: They apparently got DDOSed.


And nothing is connecting

We’re looking at a Major Network Outage over at my usual digs, and I don’t know when in-age — if that’s a word, and if not, why not? — will be restored.

Says the host:

This outage is impacting all of our central databases. Which controls nearly every service (ex. DNS, Panel, WebMail, Customer Websites, etc ). Therefor if you are encountering any type of downtime, it’s likely related to this outage.

I take them at their word, because, well, what else can I do?

Update: DNS servers gone south; pulled back and reoriented.