Greatly insane

No, wait, that’s “insanely great.”

Stuart Brown has conjured up a Retro MacOS theme, in memory of Steve Jobs, and, well, I just couldn’t resist.

I don’t anticipate that this will inspire me to greatness of my own, but what the heck.


3 thoughts on “Greatly insane

  1. McGehee says:

    I’m having flashbacks to the Mac lab at Sac State during the ’80s.

    First time I sat down in front of one of those weird contraptions I had no idea what that funny roundish thing next to the keyboard was for.


  2. […] I happen to catch a link to someone else using that Retro Mac WordPress theme in memory of Steve Jobs, I’ll put it up here, or you can plug it yourself in […]


  3. […] of Steve Jobs has inspired Stuart Brown and the WordPress gang to assemble a Retro Mac theme, which I have installed on the backup site because — well, why the heck not? (I briefly entertained the idea of dropping it here, but […]


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