Because I don’t get enough attention introduces a social-networking gimmick innovation:

The new Follow Button makes it easy for your readers to follow you on Twitter without ever leaving your site.

Of course, if they’re here in the first place, odds are they’ve come because they were following me on Twitter and they saw a tweet announcing an outage at the main site — which tweet, of course, used’s Publicize function. The idea that I’d pick up more followers seems somehow a bit absurd.

Then again, I did post this, didn’t I?

Mysterious database issue

Started about 4 pm CDT. Says the host:

We are currently experiencing networking issues with some of our MySQL servers in the Alchemy datacenter. If you are getting a ‘Lost connection to MySQL server’ error on your site, please keep an eye on this post for updates. We don’t have many details on the cause of this error, but our admins are working on the situation now.

And now you know as much as I do about it.