Tale of the unexpected

The main site is getting a workout and then some, what with getting a mention from Instapundit for his last Saturday-night item. I don’t anticipate any connection problems, but you never know: we’re talking about 20 to 30 times my usual Sunday traffic, less 10 percent for some football game.

Scheduled downtime

Which is, after all, the best kind:

There will be an outage to reload our core and border routers. This is unavoidable, due to a bug in IOS that is critical for us to patch. We plan to minimize disruption, but would like to stress that you should plan for disruption on service throughout the entire window. The window of downtime should be between 10pm PST and Midnight.

Which is Friday night, which is Saturday morning here in the Same Time Zone As Manitoba. (And, of late, Manitoba has had nicer weather.)