I have no idea what happened

For about 10 minutes, things went south, at least as far as Paraguay; the site was coming up Service Temporarily Unavailable, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to heavy traffic. (I once got Instalanched into a 13,000-hit day with no ill effects.)

I have no explanation at this time.

For the curious, this was the post that drew all the attention.

Nothing much to report

Actually, I was signed in for some reason other than working on this site, so I wandered over and read the site stats, such as they are.

I mean, apparently my visit was the second of the year, the year having begun as usual on the first of January.

Now I have no reason to complain about this, since generally the only things that get posted over here are announcements that my main site is down, and obviously I’m not looking forward to more of those. Still: one visitor in a week? Shades of 1996!