Actually, things are working fairly well Over There, except that SiteMeter has picked this particular time to go south. Or east. Wherever they are, it isn’t online.

Anyway, if it takes a while to load up, it’s because the Meter isn’t responding. I am refusing to panic — unlike some people I could name.

Weird connectivity issue

Down for about ten minutes. I’m not sure why. I will continue to monitor the situation.

Update: Now down for 50 minutes. I’ve turned in a trouble ticket.

Further update: Total downtime: 75 minutes, then back up.

Yet further update: Explanation by the host:

This issue was related to a semaphore limits on the machines themselves and not all users were affected; we’ve fixed this and are currently investigating the root cause of the semaphore issue.

All it takes is one process to throw off the rhythm for the entire cluster.