Minor connectivity issue

At least, I consider it minor for now, since it’s lasted for only half an hour. (I’m posting this just shy of 6:30 Central.) Not sure what the issue is.

I have noticed, though, that if I request an Account Test from the host, things usually come back faster. Not that you heard this from me, of course.

Update: It worked, too. Back up by 6:45.

All sorts of Nu Stuph

The TrogloPundit reports that there’s a metric crapload of new social-media buttons to be had here at wp.com, and sure enough, when I dug into previously-unexplored sections of the Dashboard, I found where they’re hid.

Had I a handful of dirt, I’d have thrown it over the selection panel, with a vow never to disturb it ever again. I figure it’s enough that this thing auto-tweets.

Rather quiet around here

On the other hand, if it’s really busy, I’m probably sweating buckets over the main blog.

On the other, other hand — this takes some doing for normal hominids — once in a while they’ll stick something on wordpress.com that we can’t get for our self-hosted sites, and hey, a free preview is more than worth the price, right?

(For instance: there’s a freaking Like button. I don’t know if I Like that or not, but we shall see.)