Being Googled to death

Last night about sixish, the dreaded Googlebot dropped by the main site and scared the database into running off and hiding.

Seriously. This appeared in the error log:

[Thu Dec 31 16:04:20 2009] [error] [client] WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query SELECT * FROM [name of database redacted] WHERE ID = 1 LIMIT 1 made by require, require_once, include, the_post, WP_Query->the_post, setup_postdata, get_userdata

The IP in question traces right back to Google’s army of bots.

This, of course, caused everyone else’s database access to go south, and it left dozens of unfinished PHP calls sitting on the server, which is the sort of thing which annoys tech types.

Didn’t take too long to fix — thank you, JoelW — but it was a trifle unnerving just the same.


5 thoughts on “Being Googled to death

  1. ellenbrandtphd says:

    I hit “admin” on your shadow blog and get back to MY blog!

    What kind of a stupid, malicious, psychopathic game are you up to now, and how do you think you can possibly get away with it?

    You have exactly five days – because it is a weekend and a holiday – to remove every single link, every single short link, every single category, every single tag, every single possible relationship between your blogs and mine – or I will make this into the test case to end all test cases!

    You don’t just commit massive click theft and stat theft under the noses of all the supposed Guardians of the Internet and get away with it!

    I still cann’t comprehend how Word Press would possibly permit something like this to go on for so long – and now becoming more and more blatant.

    It is completely undermining THEIR integrity and honesty, even more than it is hurting me and others like me.

    Now, no more! Enough! Basta! Find other victims to screw with.

    Ellen Brandt


  2. […] This was waiting for me today at the Backup Blog: I hit “admin” on your shadow blog and get back to MY blog! […]


  3. fporretto says:

    As a general rule, persons who are determined that all shall know of their advanced academic degrees are self-absorbed, terminally vain…and usually quite insecure. Miss Brandt would not appear to be an exception.


  4. Mark Alger says:

    WTF? Off her meds?



  5. CGHill says:

    Among the more amusing aspects of this is its complete and utter irrelevance to the topic at hand, though I tend to be somewhat forgiving of thread drift, having long had a tendency of my own to wander off the subject.


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