Is Lousy Sex Better Than No Sex?


Finally, something I know something about.

Originally posted on Sexual Intelligence:

It depends on what you want from sex.

If you mostly want an orgasm, lousy sex might do the trick. If you mostly want to have someone agreeing to have sex with you whether they really want to or not, lousy sex may be your best bet. If you mostly just want to see someone naked, or briefly feel a tit or some balls in your hand, lousy sex may be good enough.

But most men and women want other stuff from sex. Maybe you do, too.

For example, you may want to see your partner smile with pleasure. You may want to feel close to someone, or a sense of acceptance, or specialness, or the experience of collaboration. You may want to feel the gentleness in your partner’s touch, or in your own. You may want to feel relaxed and carefree, and know that your partner feels that way…

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Which Unicode character should represent the English apostrophe? (And why the Unicode committee is very wrong.)


A trivial matter that proves to be not so trivial as it sounds.

Originally posted on Ted's Blog:

The Unicode committee is very clear that U+2019 (RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK) should represent the English apostrophe.

Section 6.2 of the Unicode Standard 7.0.0 states:

U+2019 […] is preferred where the character is to represent a punctuation mark, as for contractions: “We’ve been here before.”

This is very, very wrong. The character you should use to represent the English apostrophe is U+02BC (MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE). I’m here to tell you why why.

Using U+2019 is inconsistent with the rest of the standard

Earlier in section 6.2, the standard explains the difference between punctuation marks and modifier letters:

Punctuation marks generally break words; modifier letters generally are considered part of a word.

Consider any English word with an apostrophe, e.g. “don’t”. The word “don’t” is a single word. It is not the word “don” juxtaposed against the word “t”. The apostrophe is part of the word, which, in…

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Éirinn go Brách, and All That


Inevitably, someone had to be first.

Originally posted on Pejman Yousefzadeh:

As one who believes that same-sex couples deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that marriage equality only serves to strengthen the institution of marriage, I am pleased and delighted to see that Ireland has decided to enshrine marriage equality as a constitutional right. This is a remarkable and extraordinary achievement, given the power that the Catholic Church continues to wield in the country. The church, of course, wanted the rest of the country to vote “no” on the issue of marriage equality, but the Irish people wisely concluded that when we talk about God “abounding in steadfast love,” we ought to acknowledge that God’s love is–and ought to be–for all people.

I imagine that eventually, the Catholic Church will find a way to reconcile itself to this message. It had better, lest it be left behind by a world whose people increasingly realize that when two individuals commit…

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Race Based Schadenfreude.


If you’ve ever looked down your nose at a Southerner — well, what goes around comes around.

Originally posted on Nihilism is Pointless.:

I won’t lie.  I know I’m a terrible person for saying this…

I’m deriving no small amount of joy in watching the racially motivated civic unrest in America.  Mostly I say this because all of it seems to be occurring above the Mason-Dixon line.


Not Daryl Dixon you schmuck.

 I was born and raised and lived my entire life in what basically lay below the line denoted by the Missouri Compromise…for the historically illiterate, that means “The South.”  Yep.  The drawlin’, ‘baccy chawin, cousin humping, KKK lovin, barefoot, poor, ignorant South.  It often shocks people when I tell them that I’m a Southerner since I don’t have a heavy accent, use big words, and am not racist, homophobic, Republican, or even an Evangelical Protestant.

I’m actually a bisexual, transgender, former Catholic, Progressive, egalitarian from the DEEP South.  Like there are parts of the South that I’m scared to go because…

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Science can now spot trolls after just five horrible, malicious comments

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Which is four too many, but hey, it’s a start.

Originally posted on Quartz:

People aren’t very nice to each other online. Everyone has read a comment thread and been annoyed at the vicious remarks, or witnessed a flame war under a YouTube video. Many online communities now have moderators, and they aim to ban trolls—those people who just who can’t stay civil.

But can you identify trolls before they ruin a community? Researchers from Stanford and Cornell think they can (pdf), after analyzing 18 months worth of Disqus threads from the news site CNN, the right-wing political site Breitbart, and the gaming site IGN. That amounted to 1.7 million users, almost 40 million comments, and 100 million up- or down-votes on those comments.

They compared users who were later banned from a community with users who were never banned. Of the trolls, they observed:

We find that such users tend to concentrate their efforts in a small number of threads, are more likely to post irrelevantly, and are more successful…

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Mother Dog Saves Puppies From Forest Fire in Chile by Digging Hole and Placing Them Inside

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This is why you never, ever disrespect your mother — or anyone else’s.

Originally posted on KTLA:

A mother dog saved her nine puppies from burning alive in a forest fire in Chile by digging a deep hole and placing her babies inside where they were later found untouched by the flames, according to rescuers.

Volunteers located the puppies following a massive forest fire in Valparaiso last week, CNN reported.

It took about an hour for rescuers to locate all of the puppies and lift them out of the deep hole, video from Megavision showed.

They were reunited with their mother and are all expected to be OK.

CNN contributed to this story.

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There’s no proof Daylight Saving Time saves electricity, so why do we even bother?

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Few explanations in life are as unpersuasive as “But we’ve always done it this way!”

Originally posted on Quartz:

If you’re looking for someone to blame for Daylight Saving Time, allow us to suggest the Germans.

After all it was Germany which, in April, 1916, first started moving clocks forward by an hour, to conserve energy during the World War I. The rest of Europe followed, as did the US, in 1918. They dropped it after the war. But in WWII they countries adopted it again.

The US went to summer DST after the war. (It tried year-round DST at the peak of the oil embargo of 1970s.) Then sky-rocketing oil prices pushed the US to extend DST by four-weeks in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which took effect in 2007.

The idea behind daylight savings time is to cut back on residential electricity use, which is heaviest at night. By moving the clocks forward in the spring, human activity would start and end earlier, and when people return to their still-sunny houses after work, they wouldn’t need…

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