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Ye olde Main Site will be placed in semi-stasis on Thursday, per this letter from the host:

Our technical operations team is constantly working to improve our services. As part of these improvements, we will be moving your MySQL databases to a new server while upgrading the MySQL version to 5.6. This migration will take place this Thursday, the 1st of October, starting at 10AM PDT. Migrating the databases from their current location will take all day to complete, however you will only experience 5 to 10 minutes of downtime when your databases are actually moved. During this maintenance, please try not to make any updates to your site (it will just prolong the migration). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

I expect this place will be running, or at least ambulatory.

The current stable version is 5.6.26; 5.7.7 is out as a preview release, but the host has a rule about installing preview releases, and I don’t blame them.

Why I’m Terrified To Have Grandchildren


It does get easier by the second one, if only because you know you didn’t damage the first. (At least, you hope you didn’t.)

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Why I’m Terrified To Have GrandchildrenI could give you a long list of things that I have forgotten in my car. I have forgotten my purse, my phone, my charger and my vaping pen. I am irresponsible leaving these things in my car. Luckily for me, it wasn’t my grandchild, but it could have been. A quiet baby, I’m a new grandma, I’m checking out hot guys online, I can see me making a mistake. What if I made that mistake? I’ve left my purse on the top of my car and drove off!

I’m truly scared. What if I forget, what if I’m not thinking, what if I’m stoned? What if?

I want to be an awesome grandma, but I’m afraid, I would hate to have to call one of my kids and tell them something happened to their child. I am horribly saddened by the news stories lately regarding grandparents and accidents with their…

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Magic Men

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The little moppet down the street who thinks her bike, training wheels and all, is the greatest thing since sliced bread? She’s right. And if she’s wiser than I, when she reaches my age she will remember that.

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Magic Lanterns

From across the deck, the culprit looked up to see the three of us making figure-eights at each other.

Continued from Magic Girls. If you haven’t read it, please start here.

There was a point, maybe around age seventeen, when I believed myself to have become a grownup. It was a tragedy. I just wasn’t going to catch that giddy sensation in my throat anymore by hiding under tables and boring into rug patterns. Everybody mourned the loss of wonder, and maybe some people dabbled with drugs because being high meant seeing light years in dashes, and an old wizard in a rock.

It was through the eyes of others that I saw wonder hadn’t deserted me. Any time I walked beside a guy, whether on a hiking path or city street, they took delight in, or showed annoyance at, the number of times I stopped to lean…

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Swingman at a new position

Martell Webster’s ten-year NBA career has been interrupted several times by injuries; he missed almost half of last season with a herniated disk in his lower back. The Washington Wizards, his third team, are sticking by him, though, and once this roundball stuff wears out, well, he’s already got a respectable fallback position:

Says Webster:

You know, being an athlete doesn’t last forever. It’s a small period of your lifetime. Going through injury allowed me to view and get a different perspective on who I am as a human being. It’s molded me into the person I am today. I actually thank those injuries because they’ve helped mold me and change my way of thinking.

We of course wish him well, with the possible exception of two games against the Thunder.

6 Ways Your Dates Could’ve Gone Way, Way Worse


If I actually had dates, I could understand this.

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1) Hehehehe, god forbid these pictures of two large 5-year-olds end up on Facebook.


2) If that b*tch be infringing on yo territory


3) If the moment feels oh sooooo right, but the timing is OH SOOOOOO WRONG.


4) Big Pointer #1: Younger siblings (if applicable) are totally a legit must-have for romance.


5) Um, bae…shouldn’t we talk about that first?


6) And then if you luck gets really shitty…


But no matter how awry it gets, you’re always each other’s badass hero and dynamite gal.

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A Cynical Southerners View on the Confederate Battle Flag.


“When the South produces a bigoted idiot, it’s because of the culture. When everywhere else does, their place of origin is irrelevant.” And everywhere else does, you may be absolutely certain.

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So let me tell you a story…

In the spring of 1999, I was at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. for Army training.  Being in the military surrounds you with people from not only all over the country, but the world.  During this period of my life, when I’m struggling to find my own identity, I was quite sadly a raverish type.  Basically, I dressed like this…


I believe in being honest about ones failures.

Yes, that’s what I wore everyday,  I listened to stuff like Crystal Method and DJ Scribble, I wore children’s necklaces and said, “Yo, Dawg” and “PLUR” all the time.  Yeah.  I know.  I was a tool.  Well, one day, I got into a fight with this guy from like Arizona or something, and he got all up in my face.  I made fun of his yellow and brown teeth and love of Lynrd Skynrd, and he…

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