Cleveland Cavaliers: a bunch of “hacks”?

They certainly hacked up the Warriors’ defense.

mashed radish

On the court, the Cleveland Cavaliers are champions, bringing the first major sports title to the Ohio city in 52 years with their 93-89 victory over the Golden State Warriors in an exciting Game 7 of the NBA finals. But in the etymology books, the Cleveland Cavaliers are, well, “hacks.”


English first borrowed cavalier from the Spanish cavaliero, among other forms, which named a “horseman,” especially a “knight.” The word is first attested around 1470. Over the next few centuries, English rendered the word according to its French form, cavalier. The French and Spanish are a short trot away from the earlier Italian, cavaliere, from the Late Latin caballarius, a “horseman” or “rider.”

The Latin root is caballus, essentially a street word for “horse” that eventually supplanted the classical equus. This explains the words for “horse” in Latin’s daughter languages, e.g., the Spanish caballo

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Do you like her hat?

I’d last read Go, Dog. Go! — and that’s the way the title is punctuated — somewhere around 1956, and sometimes it takes a lot to awaken a 60-year-old memory.

This is a lot:

I want you to take this in, hat-wearing female dog, lest you spend the next 15 years of your life trying to impress someone who is not worth your time. Ignore the hat-based norms of the dog universe and wear what makes YOU happy. Celebrate yourself! You are awesome and unique, like that dancing eleven-year-old in the blonde wig from Sia’s “Chandelier” video, only a dog version!

And after all, it could be worse. She could be wearing a coat.

The Millennial Stereotyping Needs to Stop Immediately

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There’s nothing to be gained for me, as a Boomer, to look down my nose at those younger than I.

Sweet Life of Ash

For whatever reason, millennials have been deemed one of the worst Generations. This is a stereotype if I have ever seen one and as a millennial myself it sickens me to see the things people say.

Now, I am no specialist when it comes to Generations, but I can tell you one thing – not one single person in this world is perfect. If you think you are perfect you may want to stop reading this post now.

I recently had someone tell me that when it is time to vote millennials don’t get out and vote. However, I completely disagree with that statement.  This is the first year I have been following along with the elections, but I am still aware, and always have been, of what is happening in the world. This will be the first year I am voting, but I know a ton of people my age that go out…

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Only the files remain

An end-of-the-world — well, end-of-your-world, anyway — short story by Selena Larson.

The premise:

I am here for your story. You died without one, though your voice may have gone silent long before your heart did. Valuable data is distributed among the blurry photos and status updates you left behind. It is my duty to purge it.

I feel for the poor soul who has to wade through my 31 years (so far) of online archives. My browser history alone will be daunting.