Downtime to come?

The host says it’s going to be messing with the network again tomorrow night:

On Thursday January 16th, in a 4 hour window starting at 10pm, we will be moving on to the next step of the Network Improvement Series maintenances. This step is going to involve migrating the network layer from the old hardware to the new designed setup. This is expected to be a near impact-free maintenance; all services will continue to work throughout the migration. As with all maintenances, we will proceed slowly to ensure that, should any problems occur, we will be able to address them quickly.

I mean, this doesn’t guarantee failure or anything, but I’ve seen enough network improvements to know what’s coming.

Thoughts on the next life

It says on the admin screen here that we’re allowed 3,072 MB for our individual spaces here at, which is a pretty fair amount of space when you get right down to it.

Now my days are numbered — okay, everyone’s days are numbered, but I suspect my number is lower than most — and I’ve pondered the possibility of porting my Main Site, which is largely WordPress but self-hosted, over here at some point, mainly because I can’t reasonably expect my descendants to maintain (and pay for) that site. About 8,000 items that aren’t in a WordPress environment would of necessity have to be sacrificed. Still, that leaves about 14,000 posts and a handful of pages, which could be done in — well, last time I had to do an import into WordPress, it took about a week for about a third as much material.

And of those three gigabytes, I’d use up two pretty quick. Then again, it’s not like I expect to make a whole lot of posthumous posts.

Next time I should maybe shut up

I was commiserating with friends and acquaintances hosted with Bluehost and Hostgator and such, many of whom were having ongoing problems with their sites, when my own operation suddenly grinds to a screeching halt. Is someone trying to tell me something? (And does this have anything to do with WordPress 3.6, which I installed this morning on four sites?)